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Divorce entails several significant decisions related to child support, child custody, alimony, and property division, which can have major impacts on your personal and financial condition for the rest of your life. Accordingly, it is well worth your time to make sure that you’re prepared and have a knowledgeable, dedicated divorce attorney by your side. Having the right family lawyer can simplify the divorce process, save you money, ensure you achieve a fair distribution of assets, and help you reach a reasonable co-parenting arrangement with your spouse.

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The Five Keys To Navigating The Divorce Process

Divorce is an uncomfortable process for anyone who goes through it. Here at Vazquez & Stockmar, PLLC, we pride ourselves on assisting our clients and being by your side every step of the way during your legal process! Our firm’s dynamic allows you to have a more personalized experience throughout your case management. At Vazquez & Stockmar, PLLC, we are here to listen, guide, and protect you in the process. Most importantly, we believe in educating our clients to understand the steps involved in their legal matter and the key determinants in getting through the legal process to move forward to the next stage of their future.

  1. The Legal Divorce Process – From Filing a Petition to obtaining a Judgment of Divorce, being knowledgeable about the steps necessary in a divorce will ease uncertainty and allow you to focus on the important discussions needed throughout the process.
  2. Child Custody – When children are involved in your Dissolution of Marriage, the court will give deference to what is in the best interest of the child or children. Several important aspects need to be decided concerning child custody, including the allocation of parental responsibility for the minor child(ren), the amount of time-sharing each parent will receive regarding minor children, diversion of costs and expenses, and more available to negotiate and work through these aspects of co-parenting.
  3. Child Support – The allocation of costs associated with raising minor children between parents. With child support, one parent may be obligated to make monthly payments to the other parent to provide financial support for the child or children.
  4. Equitable Distribution – The Division of Property of marital assets and liabilities between the Spouses.
  5.  Alimony – Alimony may be ordered by a court after considering the facts of your case. Various types of alimony may be rewarded by the court, in which a court may find that a former spouse may be liable to pay ongoing support after the marriage or payments in a lump sum, or both.

Key 1: Understanding The Legal Divorce Process In Florida

Child custody, child support, equitable distribution, and alimony will be determined by the effectiveness of the party and their attorney’s understanding of these complex areas when navigating each legal stage of a Florida divorce. That being said, it is important to highlight the various steps to a divorce process, listed below.

  • Complaint
  • Answer
  • Temporary Orders
  • Mandatory Disclosures
  • Financial Affidavits
  • Discovery
    • Interrogatories
    • Requests For Admission
    • Requests For Production
    • Depositions
  • Mediation
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Marital Settlement Agreements
  • Time-Sharing
  • Child Support Calculations
  • Parenting Plan Agreements
  • Trial
  • Final Judgment Of Divorce

Our understanding and experience at Vazquez & Stockmar, PLLC in navigating this legal process allows our clients to be more successful in obtaining what they want out of their divorce in its key.

Key 2: Child Custody

Child custody and timesharing refer to allocating responsibility for children and their upbringing, medical, educational, and emotional needs. Florida believes in co-parenting with a presumption the parents should be equally involved. Therefore, most divorces will result in the parents agreeing to a parenting plan that will govern their minor children’s physical custody and care.

Key 3: Child Support

Child support for minor children is determined by statute in Florida and is primarily a mathematical calculation. Support from a parent is a legal right of the child under Florida support laws. Parents cannot waive their obligation to support their children and will always need to be addressed in a divorce case with mutual children of the parties. The amount of child support is derived based on the following factors.

  1. Number Of Overnights Per Year With Both Parents
  2. Net Monthly Income Of Both Parents
  3. Child Care Payments Made By Either Parent
  4. Insurance Payments For Children Made By Either Parent

An estimate of child support that would be payable or paid can be calculated here: Florida Child Support Calculator.

Key 4: Equitable Distribution

Equitable distribution is the allocation of marital assets and liabilities between the parties.  Courts will divide marital property equitably, meaning any assets and/or liabilities acquired by the parties during the marriage will be divided fairly and equally between the parties. Marital assets include the marital home, investment properties, interspousal gifts, existing bank accounts, enhancement or appreciation in the value of non-marital assets, retirement accounts, pension benefits, and more. Non-marital assets can consist of professional licenses, property acquired before the marriage, gifts, bequests, descents, and property excluded by the party’s agreement.

Key 5: Alimony

Alimony is a financial obligation from one spouse to provide ongoing support to the other spouse after the dissolution of a marriage. There are various types of alimony in Florida, including bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, duration, permanent in nature, or any combination of these. Many factors outlined by Florida statutes determine alimony, and all factors relevant to your case’s circumstances must be presented to the court for the finding of alimony, should a judge decide this matter. Alimony can also be negotiated and agreed to by the parties on their terms.

How Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help

Our attorneys in Longwood, Florida, are specialists in the area of family law. We understand how difficult the dissolution of marriage process can be for a person. An attorney with Vazquez & Stockmar, PLLC can help you through every step of your divorce case, help you make informed legal decisions, and provide guidance amidst divorce mediation.

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